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Latest News

WarezNET will shut down permanently on January 1st 2016

by Mike » 09 Nov 2015

Well it's a sad day for all of us all, but it's time to move on.

WarezNET had a good run, good fun, plenty of awesome users. We achieved a lot, tried many different things, and at one point was one of the pillars of the warez world. But the sad truth is, we neither had time or money to invest in here anymore, and the competition grew strong.

But it's time to move on with our lives, move on to better and bigger things.

Our chat channel will remain open, at least for a while, so you can still connect and chat with us. We're also opening up all membership until the shutdown date.

For those worried, no data will be passed on to anyone. Everything will be destroyed after the shutdown date, with the exception of a final backup (in case shit).

* Note that we may, or may not, transfer the domain name, or traffic, to other entities; this has yet to be decided.
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3 Month Account Extension !!

by Mike » 11 Jun 2012

For being such wonderful loyal users of the site we are offering to extend all users accounts if needed for 3 months. Just reply to this thread if you would like it.

As usual we would like to remind users to donate if they can afford it. We have a great VIP section for some great stuff and you can request items. We are good and can find alot of things.
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Would you want to see torrents back on WN?

by Mike » 26 Jan 2012

Since the MegaUpload bust, there have been tons of cyberlockers either disabling functions, or simply going offline. This means that lots of forums, including us, will have quite a few dead links. In order to keep the flow going, we're have a few ideas. One of them is to bring back torrents.

For anyone that's been here a while, you know we had torrents a while back, and we disabled it because of lack of interest. So before we go through all that again, we want to know if you guys would like it.
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