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Latest News

3 Month Account Extension !!

by Mike » 11 Jun 2012

For being such wonderful loyal users of the site we are offering to extend all users accounts if needed for 3 months. Just reply to this thread if you would like it.

As usual we would like to remind users to donate if they can afford it. We have a great VIP section for some great stuff and you can request items. We are good and can find alot of things.
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Would you want to see torrents back on WN?

by Mike » 26 Jan 2012

Since the MegaUpload bust, there have been tons of cyberlockers either disabling functions, or simply going offline. This means that lots of forums, including us, will have quite a few dead links. In order to keep the flow going, we're have a few ideas. One of them is to bring back torrents.

For anyone that's been here a while, you know we had torrents a while back, and we disabled it because of lack of interest. So before we go through all that again, we want to know if you guys would like it.
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File sites not allowing downloads - Updated list 1/24

by Mike » 23 Jan 2012

Yes we have become aware of recent sites not allowing 3rd party downloads in wake of the recent mega-upload shutdown.

While we hope that these sites re-enable their downloads soon to users, please be aware for the time being they have been added to the banned sites list. In the event they do return within 30 days we will remove this ban. If they do not return in 30 days all links to these sites will be removed.

We will continue to bring you the lastest content we can. So don't worry yet Wink

Remember to check out the Scene Downloads section for new stuff.

Here are a few that still work

Code:Select all











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